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0.4 Aluminium Coil 0.5 Aluminium Coil 0.8 Aluminium Coil Water Corrugated Aluminium Sheet Corrugated Aluminium Sheet High strength Aluminum Sheet Plate Die Aluminum Wafer Aluminum Wafers for Thermal Insulation Aluminum Wafers for Electrical Appliances Aluminum Plate for Fuel Tank Aluminum Sheets for Automobiles Aluminum Alloy Plate Single Zero Aluminum Foil Double Zero Aluminum Foil Hot Sale Aluminum Foil Pointer Pattern Aluminium Sheet Rhombic Pattern Aluminium Sheet Large and Small Five bar Aluminum Plate Cable Aluminum Strip Optical Cable Aluminum Strip Transformer Aluminum Strip Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging Aluminum Foil for Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil for Cable Industrial Manufacturing Industry Aluminum Tile Sheet for Construction Industry 750 Corrugated Board Aluminum Strip for Cable Aluminum Strip for Shutters Semi hard Aluminum Strip Insulating Aluminium Sheet Rust proof Aluminium Strip Rust proof Aluminium Coil Aluminum Foil Tape Aluminum Foil for Decoration Aluminum Foil for Automobile Lithium Battery Medium and Heavy Aluminum Plate Alloy Aluminum Plate Thin Aluminium Sheet Building Appearance Decoration Deep Drawing or Spinning Concave Utensils Clock Surface and Disk Surface Aluminum Tubes for Automobiles Aluminum Pipes for Aerospace and Aviation Aluminum Pipe for Machinery Building Envelope Structure Composite Aluminium Curtain Wall Aluminum Alloy Glass Curtain Wall Aluminum Rolls for Packaging Aluminum Coil for Construction Aluminum Coil for Machinery Industrial Aluminum Wire Process Aluminum Wire Alloy Aluminum Wire Water Heater Housing Wafer for Stretching Tank Aluminum Wafers for Kitchenware Edge Sealing of Ceiling Angular Aluminum for Industrial Connections Corner Aluminium with Rounded Corners Aluminum Foil for Packaging Materials External Surface Reinforcement and Protection Processed into Food Packaging Bags Aluminum Strip for Fin Radiator Aluminum Strip for Stamping Food Industry Devices and Storage Containers Used in Automobiles For Electrical Appliances 7075 Aluminium Tubes Aluminum Rods for Conventional Industrial Use Aluminum Rods for Aviation Antirust Function is Better Used for Building Profiles Widely Used in Electronics A Rust proof Aluminium Coil Used for Lighting Machining Die Manufacturing Chemical/Thermal Insulation Pipeline Coating Used for Building Appearance Car Interior Decoration Aerospace and Military Aspects Good Anti skid Ability Widely Used in Building Platform Design Aluminum Alloy Sheeting Sheet Machining of Machine Parts Automobile Interior and Exterior Decoration Aluminum Sheet for Die Manufacturing The Most Widely Used Antirust Aluminium Various Liquid Containers Various Pressure Vessels Processed For Plant Renovation Projects Instrument and Instrument Materials Cylinder Block of Washing Machine Spot Welding Has Good Weldability High Corrosion Resistance Used As Die Material Used to Make Aircraft Fuel Tank Sheet Metal Parts of Ships High Plasticity and Corrosion Resistance Low Corrosion Resistance Good Energy saving Advantages Used As Its Packaging Material Storage and Preservation of Food Fast Construction and Installation Speed Long Service Life High Temperature Resistance Used in Electronic Industry Used in Machine Parts Processing For Aerospace and Military Applications Used for Automobile Decoration Corrosion Resistance and Oxidation Resistance Gift Box Packaging Sheath for Cable Good Corrosion Resistance Good Weldability and Conductivity Excellent Forming Characteristics Good Formability and High Corrosion Resistance Good Formability is Required for Processing Various Parts of Lamps and Lanterns Household Electric Appliances Insulation Pipeline Coating Label and Nameplate Cases and Bags Widely Used in Electronic Packaging Widely Used in Construction Machinery Application in Air Conditioning Refrigerator Used for Interior Decoration Used for High Quality Shipboard Used in Household Appliances Renovation of Chemical Plant Workshop Used for Interior Decorations Used for Elevator Signboard Bags Satellite and Other Aspects Making High Quality Boards Used for Exterior Wall Certain Rust proof Properties Have a Certain Bearing Capacity Pipeline or Outer Packing Commonly Used Non ferrous Metal Tube Widely Used in Automobiles and Ships Light Weight and Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Alloy Cast rolled Coil Good Formability and Corrosion Resistance Formation of Slitting of Aluminium Coil Used in Electronic Daily Chemistry Used for Water Heater Housing Kitchen Utensils Such As Non stick Pans Aluminum Alloy Rods High Hardness Aluminium Rods Easy Coating with Good Usability Applications in Radiators For Parts Processing Used in Mould Manufacturing Aviation Series Aluminum Coil Building Series Aluminium Coil Thermal Insulation Series Aluminium Coil Aluminum Plate for Signage Aluminum Sheet for Building Appearance Aluminum Plate for Solar Reflector Used in Ship Building Used in Aviation Manufacturing Industry Used in Interior Decoration Engineering Round Aluminium Wire Elliptical Aluminum Wire Square Aluminium Wire Aluminum Foil for Photographic Plate Capacitor Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil for Household Goods Aluminum Plate for Refrigerator Aluminum Plate for Elevator Aluminum Sheet for Luggage Angular Aluminum for Connectors Angular Aluminium for Skeleton Support Angular Aluminium for Ceiling Building Aluminium Roll Aluminum Coil for Elevator Aluminum Coil for Electronics Heat Sink Aluminium Coil Aluminum Coils for Various Pressure Vessels Aluminum Coil for Ships Patterned Aluminum Plate for Packaging Pipeline Various Suspension Beam Pattern Aluminium Plate Refrigerator Pattern Aluminium Sheet Aluminum Sheet for Household Appliances Aluminum Sheet for Wall Aluminum Sheet for Chemical Plant Aluminum Strip for Solar Energy Aluminum Strip for Anticorrosion and Insulation Aluminum Strip for Construction Aluminum Wire for Welding Materials Aluminum Wire for Electronic Industry Overhead Aluminum Wire Aluminum Tubes for Furniture Aluminum Pipes for Ships Aluminum Tubes for Electrical Appliances Special Aluminum Strip for Transformer Aluminum Strip for Radiator Aluminum Strip for Chemical Equipment Aluminum Strip for Reflectors Aluminum Strip for Kitchen Equipment Angular Aluminium for Decoration Architectural Corner Aluminium Elevator Angle Aluminium Aluminum Wafers for Lamps and Lanterns Aluminum Wafers for Electronics Aluminum Wafers for Non stick Pans Aluminum Foil for Containers Medical Aluminium Foil Aluminum Foil for Use Aluminum Sheet for Furniture Aluminum Sheet for Ceiling Aluminum Plate for Die Aluminum Strips for Storage Containers Aluminum Strip for Heat Exchanger Aluminum Strip for Nameplate Aluminum Rods for Industrial Use Aircraft Aluminium Rod Aluminum Rods for Truck Hub Aluminum Coil for Building Thermal Insulation Indoor Decoration Aluminium Coil Aluminum Coil for Electronic Products Printed Aluminium Roll Aluminum Coil for Light Industry Aluminum Coil for Aircraft Angular Aluminium for Architectural Decoration Angular Aluminium for Industrial Use Corner Aluminium for Sealing Aluminum Sheet for Site Use Aluminum Panels for Cabinets Aluminum Sheets for Photo Frames Reflector Aluminum Strip Aluminum Strip for Storage Container Aluminum Strip for Instrument Aluminum Pipes for Agriculture Pattern Aluminium Tube Square Aluminium Tube Aluminum Wafer for Stretching Tank Aluminum Wafers for Automotive Accessories Aluminum Wafers for Pressure Cookers Orange Peel Aluminum Board for Furniture Orange Peel Aluminum Plate for Luggage Orange Peel Aluminum Plate for Elevator Pressed Aluminium Sheet for Outdoor Use Pressed Aluminium Sheet for Roof Pressed Aluminium Sheets for Factories Pressed Aluminum Plate for Power Plant Pressed Aluminum Plate for Pharmaceutical Factory Pressed Aluminum Sheet for Refinery Aluminum Wafers for Cooking Utensils Aluminum Wafers for Printing Aluminum Wafer for Capacitor Housing Global Aluminum Tube Thin walled Aluminium Tube Special shaped Aluminium Tube Aluminum Strip for Pressure Tank Aluminum Strip for Oil Pipeline Conduit Aluminum Strip for Aircraft Fuel Tank Aluminum Sheet for Audio Equipment Aluminum Plate for Shenzhou Spacecraft Aluminum Plate for Satellite Punched Aluminium Sheet Ceramic Aluminum Plate Reticulated Aluminium Sheet Aluminum Rods for Aircraft Trapezoidal Aluminium Bar Round Aluminium Bar Aluminum Coil for Air Conditioning Aluminum Coil for Car Bottom Aluminum Coil for Mechanical Parts Special Aluminum Plate Ultra Wide Aluminum Plate Industrial Pure Aluminium Sheet Aluminum Strip for Cosmetic Board Aluminum Strip for Lubricating Oil Conduit Aluminum Strip for Pressure Vessel Aluminum Foil for Thermal Insulation Materials Aluminum Foil for Beverage Packaging Aluminum Foil for Cake Mould Pressure Aluminum Plate for Coupler Pressed Aluminum Sheet for Ship Parts Molded Aluminum Plate for Hardware Aluminum Panels for Kitchen Aluminum Sheet for Military Use Super Thick Aluminium Sheet Aluminum Strip for Fuel Tank Aluminum Strip for Street Lamp Support Aluminum Strip for Hardware Products Aluminum Wafer for Container Shell Military Aluminum Wafers Aluminum Wafers for Daily Use Equilateral Triangular Aluminium Wire Regular Polygon Aluminium Wire Rectangular Aluminium Wire Aluminum Foil for Bottle Cap Aluminum Foil for Trademark Decoration Aluminum Foil for Stationery Printing 1 Series Thermal Insulation Aluminum Coil 3 Series Thermal Insulation Aluminum Coil 5Series Thermal Insulation Aluminum Coil 1 Series Aluminum Strip 3 Series Aluminum Strip 5 Series Aluminum Strip 4.0 Aluminum Sheet 5052 4.0 Aluminum Sheet 5052h32 Aluminum Sheet 3.0 Aluminum Sheet 5052 3.0 Aluminum Sheet Aluminum wafer Aluminum disc for pot Export aluminum wafer aluminum plate 5.8mm 6061 aluminum plate 6061 aluminum plate 6061 alloy aluminum plate Export aluminum plate Aluminium Foil Roll Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil For Packaging Materials Aluminium Foil Film Aluminum Foil Tape Air Conditioning Foil Aluminum Foil For Decoration Aluminum Foil For Automobile Lithium Battery Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil Hydrophilic Foil Single Zero Aluminum Foil Double Zero Aluminum Foil Food Foil External Surface Reinforcement Processed Into Food Packaging Bags Double Zero 9 Aluminum Foil Aluminium Chequered Plate Aluminum Plate Aluminum Sheet Plate Aluminum Embossed Plate Aluminum Strip Cable Aluminum Strip Aluminum Foil For Air Conditioning Aluminum Strip Roll Aluminium Food Packaging Transformer Aluminum Strip Aluminum Foil For Cable Optical Cable Aluminum Strip Aluminium Cover Strip Electric Cable Aluminum Strip Aluminum Strip For Fin Radiator Aluminum Strip For Stamping Aluminium Flat Strips Heater Aluminum Strip Aluminum Strip For Shutters Semi-Hard Aluminum Strip Aluminum Coils Alloy Aluminum Pipe Alloy Aluminum Coils Alloy Aluminum Wire Aluminum Trim Coil Insulating Aluminum Coil Rust-Proof Aluminium Coil Insulating Aluminum Trim Coil Aluminum Coil Stock Aluminum Coil For Aviation Aluminum Trim Coil For Aviation Aluminum Coil Stock For Aviation Aluminum Coil Stock Lowes Aluminum Coil For Air Conditioning Aluminum Trim Coil For Air Conditioning Aluminum Coil Stock For Air Conditioning Pressed Aluminum Tread Plate Pressed Aluminum Plate Pressed Aluminum Sheet Pressed Alloy Aluminum Plate Corrugated Aluminium Sheet Model 750 Aluminum Plate 3-Series Pressed Aluminum Plate Water Corrugated Aluminium Sheet Aluminum Press Sheet Model 800 Aluminum Plate Aluminium Press Plate 800 Model Steel Plate Model 900 Aluminium Press Plate Model 900 Aluminum Plate 900 Model Steel Plate Model 900 Aluminum Press Sheet Small Five-Bar Aluminum Plate Five-Bar Aluminum Plate Pointer Pattern Aluminium Sheet Rhombic Pattern Aluminium Sheet

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Jinan Xintai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd

Address: Junction of 220 National Highway and 105 National Highway at Taozhuang Village North, Rose Town, Pingyin County,Jinan,Shandong

Contact Person: yuqingjun



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